Jieli TWS Earbuds

TWS Earbuds wireless bluetooth stereo headphones are the earbuds with implementation of technology based on the development of chip technology. Jieli bluetooth earbuds no wire developed by Jieli Technology (Hongkong) Co., Limited which founded in 2010 with excellence of design and innovation that focuses on products covering medical and healthcare SoC, Internet of Things(IoT) Soc, Wifi & Bluetooth SoC, Audio encoding and decoding SoC that product IC design from chip to product.

It is a new technology that gives a unique experience of stereo sound. The innovation in the bluetooth technology allows one device connect to a lead earbud and the secondary earbud will be connected to the lead earbud via bluetooth connection which achieve high quality stereo sound and totally wireless.
APEC TWS Jieli Earbuds with various advantages which definitely worth to try on:

- Earbuds are connected without wire or cables attached
- compatible with numerous devices (phones, tablets, PCs and smart TVs)
- portable battery included
- quick battery recharge
- reduce power consumption
- easy access to controls
- mobility and flexibility
- better signal with a wider range
- the unique and true experience of stereo sound for outdoors and indoors.
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  • Tel : +86-755-23731059
  • Email : sales@szapec.com
  • Add : Room 1335/1337, Block A, Huigu Building,The First Space of Baoneng, Liyuan RD, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China
  • Jieli TWS Earbuds
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