TWS Earbuds

Have you ever wanted to hide? Do you want to enjoy music alone? Do you want to call sb, but you are busy doing other things? Let's check this TWS earbud which is perfect for both men and women.
Why Choose Airoha TWS Earbuds?
Advantages of APEC TWS Earbud
Delicate design and crystal sound, giving you a feeling of being in a fantasy place.
They are colorful, stylish and unique.
It's easy to put it into your pocket with a convenient charging box for easy charging without any hustle.
It can improve the clarity of the call. You can use R or L side for single mode, especially when you are driving, or you also can use both sides to enjoy the music under stereo mode.
Ensure dramatical improved audio quality, faster and longer range. These earbuds provide an immersive and consistently comfortable listening experience.

TWS is connected with the main headphone through smartphone or other devices, and then the main headphone would connect with the slave speaker via a Bluetooth wireless mode connection, to achieve true wireless Bluetooth for left and right channels separated of Bluetooth headphones.

For TWS headphone,  it is not wire connection, and the left and right earphone are independent individuals. When two separate headphones near each other, they can match automatically and shift to double channel stereo, which could give you high quality sound. Meanwhile, true wireless headphones need not a line to charge, normally, they could directly charge on its built-in high capacity lithium battery box can. No matter what you do, driving or running, you can just leave your phone and go, which also means you could share music with others.

Compared to ordinary Bluetooth earphone, the TWS real wireless Bluetooth earphone has the following advantages:

  • True wireless structure, completely free from cable annoyance and free movement.
  • Various ways of use, which can be enjoyed and shared, and can be used as two machines by one machine.
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