Smart AI Speaker

Do you think it's troublesome to set the alarm, check the weather, calculate the numbers on the phone, especially in winter? Some of old man usually forget something, we can't accompany with them every time. How can you let them live comfortably?

Let's only use our voice to do this. With an integrated virtual assistant and smart control system, a smart speaker is a kind of wireless speaker and voice command device that gives interactive actions and hands-free activation. Some smart speakers also utilize Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to extend other usage more than just a speaker. For example, APEC APM-18 with a smart touchscreen is known as a smart display. While similar in form factor to tablet computers, smart displays differ in their emphasis on a hands-free user interface and virtual assistant features.
Why Choose Smary AI Speaker?
With smart control system like Alex and Google in our speakers, you can set the alarm by your voice, you can ask the weather without touching, you can listen to music by speaking the name of songs, you can even control the household appliances by your voice.

It is able to make crystal clear sound with impressive bass and room-filling loudness. This artificial intelligence speaker also can play music stream from iHeartRadio, Tidal or audio stored directly on your device in a wide range. Use Bluetooth to connect to iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Laptops, or Computers, etc. The technology is changeable every day. Why not do some changes to make our life easier?
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