Multi-functional speaker

Are you worried about your phone might be out off charge when you want to listen to music outside? Do you hate to carry the heavy power bank only for the phone charge? Multifunction speaker can solve all these problem. Let's get the two functions together! APEC Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank APM-F03 and Wireless Charger and Bluetooth Speaker APM-M19 combine the charger function with spearker function, which also support bluethooth and wireless function. This kind of multi function portable speaker is very popular among youngers!

Why Choose Multi-Functional Speaker?

Advantage of APEC Multifunction Speaker

  • The huge capacity can last a long time. 
  • Don't worry about taking two utilities in your backpack. 
  • Only one can solve the problem easily. 
  • There is an intelligent compatibility mode to choose. 
  • It will make your work and your life easier. 
  • It enjoys special technology and incredible sound, and its fashion shape can decorate your life!
Welcome to contact APEC to buy multi function wireless speaker!
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  • Multi-functional speaker
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