Enjoy elegant natural sound anytime anywhere. How do you feel when you are surrounded by music? Let's enjoy music like enjoy a 3D movie with your families and friends and your lover at your party, beach, hiking, camping, excursion, etc.
1. We have over 10 years product experience.                                                                   
2. Our main marketing is European and American countries,including New Zealand and Australia, etc.                                                                    
3.Our cooperated company is MEGMEET,Cultraliew,CVTE,etc.                                                                  
4. We have own research and development department,so we have private mold.                                                                  
5. Our delivery time is 15-25 days .                                                                  
6. We can support orders that can be changed according to your requirement.                                                                   
7. We have QC/QA department,we need to test all the products before ship them.                                                                  
8. Unique and innovative products that can attract many different marketing. 
Contact us
  • Tel : +86-755-23731059
  • Email : sales@szapec.com
  • Add : Room 1335/1337, Block A, Huigu Building,The First Space of Baoneng, Liyuan RD, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China
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