How Does Digital CCTV Work?

Digital CCTV is a relatively new technology that has proclaimed itself to be the next level in security monitoring systems. Recent advances in technology over the past couple of years has made digital CCTV available and affordable for virtually everyone to implement on their premises.

Versatile in design, digital CCTV operates across a standard Ethernet, so no extra wiring is required in the majority of situations. Once installed on your premises, your digital CCTV network can be added to quickly and easily simply by installing new CCTV cameras and adding these to your CCTV software package.

Once your network of CCTV cameras has been installed on your site, you are able to analyze both live and historic event-based video clips through your PC monitor using the CCTV software supplied with your system.

Digital CCTV is unique in that it will only record images when movement is detected. This ultimately means that you will only have CCTV footage of activity: when something occurs across the camera's field of view.

The quality of the footage generated by your digital CCTV cameras means that evidence quality images are generated, which can be used in a court of law to prosecute perpetrators. Analog CCTV systems invariably are unable to do this.

The integration capabilities of digital CCTV mean that in addition to working extremely well as a standalone security system, it can also be connected to other installed security equipment.
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  • How Does Digital CCTV Work?
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