• Asia World-Expo HK Oct 11-14,2019
    You're welcome to join us in the AsiaWorld-Expo Hong Kong trade show to check out our latest products. APEC ELECTRONICS CO., /
  • The Differences of the New and Old Airpods
    1.New Model(H1 core)With wireless charger case(Support wireless and charging cable), the light sensor is outside the charger case. Say “Hi,Siri”,can be paired automatically. No need to double-click ...
  • AI Speaker and Smart Screen Speaker
    1.For most of us, the AI speaker with voice assistant — like an Amazon with Alexa — is a device for playing music. We also can talk to Alexa, and it can answer all the questions. It can control the ...
  • CES 2019 Invitation !
    Dear Customers ,This is the invitation from APEC Electronics CO., Ltd. We will participate in the 2019 International CES Exhibition, the world’s leading global Consumer Electronics Show.
  • News Report from Tech APP
    A bunch of new HDMI dongles have recently flooded the market, allowing users to run Android apps, stream video content and much more. Intel has now joined the race with a rather unusual product – a Ba...
  • How Wireless Charging Simplify Your Life
    An introduction to wireless charging: changing the way we think about powerSmartphones are changing the way we live our lives, both online and off. With each new model, we are used to getting more pro...
  • Wireless Charging Review
    Wireless charging is one of many new features appearing in the latest smartphones, from Google’s Nexus 4 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to Nokia’s Lumia 920. There are even cases that add wireless chargin...
  • More Google Glass Specs Revealed: OMAP Processor and ICS on Board
    As Explorer Edition Google Glass units started to ship out to willing participants, some official tech specs had been published on the product page. It wasn't a complete set of internals, however, and...
  • What Is Bluetooth 4.0?
    Bluetooth is a technology people know but don’t necessarily love. That’s because Bluetooth gadgets can be tough to pair, and they tend to run out of juice too quickly. Bluetooth 4.0—or Bluetooth Sm...
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with Low Energy Technology Paves the Way for Bluetooth Smart Devices
    Bluetooth v4.0 introduced low energy technology to the Bluetooth Core Specification, enabling new Bluetooth Smart devices that can operate for months or even years on tiny, coin-cell batteries. Market...
  • What Are the Basic Bluetooth® Range Specs?
    There are three classes of Bluetooth devices: Class 1, 2, and 3. The class specifies the transmit power of the device which affects the range (higher transmit power typically allows greater range). Ve...
  • GE Launches PressureDome Camera with Multi-mode Fiber Works
    The Security business of GE Infrastructure announced its new PressureDome camera system, a rugged PTZ camera dome offering dry nitrogen pressurization for protection in harsh environments. ThePressure...
  • Advanced Face Finding Capability Makes Cameras Smarter
    Identix® Incorporated, a global multi-biometric technology company, has announced that its industry-leading FaceIt® technology has been integrated into Nikon Corporation’s latest line of COOL...
  • Web Cameras Secure Homes
    Motorola and D-Link provide wired and wireless solutions that help people monitor home security. Motorola"s Home Monitoring and Control System ( is pricey but offers a ...
  • How Wireless Charging Will Change Our Devices
    If you're anything like us, every time you leave the house you take an armful of cables, chargers and just-in-case batteries to fuel a camera, smartphone, tablet and laptop to amuse you between a cons...
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