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Power dock provides a simplified way of "plugging-in" a laptop computer to common peripherals. Docks are not standardized and are usually designed with a specific make and model of a device in mind, because there are different connectors, power signaling, and uses for a wide range of dockable devices—from mobile telephones to wireless mice.
APEC Power Docks have Following Advantages:
Some power dock can make some computers to become a substitute for a desktop computer, without sacrificing the mobile computing functionality of the machine. Portable computers can dock and undock hot, cold or standby, depending on the capabilities of the system. In a cold dock or undock, one completely shuts the computer down before docking/undocking. In a hot dock or undock, the computer remains running when docked/undocked.

  • Tiny and portable to take anywhere.
  • Many ports is available for chosen.
  • Huge capacity for a long working time.
  • Special appearance makes it not easy to get dirty.
  • Chose your favorite color that will deliver you a great mood.
  • They also have over current protection, short circuit protection, and over charging protection.
  • One power dock is enough even for a long journey.
  • It can be taken to the airplane.
  • Designers versus advertising art director to gave you satisfied products.

According to customer requirements, you can customize your power dock products. Compatible with multiple devices charging at the same time. There are USB port and Type-C power dock you can choose. Different colors can be customized. Choose the one you love.
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