Comparison of Wireless Earbuds No Cord and Wired Earplugs

With the development of science and technology, more and more wireless earbuds no cord are available in the market, because they only need to be connected through Bluetooth, and they are also portable and convenient, which is welcomed by many people. But there are still many people who like to use wired headphones. Why?

Advantages of wireless earbuds no cord

1. Compatibility is stronger. More and more mobile phones cancel the 3.5 mm headphone interface. If they want to use wired headphones on smartphones, they need to transfer the interface, and the interface of each mobile phone brand is different. So wireless earbuds no cord only need to open Bluetooth to connect more conveniently.

2. Easy to wear. In the case of running, wireless earbuds no cord are more convenient and comfortable to wear. And without the bondage of wires, you don't need to untie the headphone wires every time you listen to a song.

3. Sound quality advantage. High sound quality can satisfy advanced auditory enjoyment.

Why do wireless earbuds no cord work so well, but there are still many people who choose wired headphones? The reasons are as follows:

1. Price

There is still a big gap between wired headphones and wireless earbuds no cord, such as Apple AirPods, which costs about 1,000 yuan and 800 yuan for second-hand prices. Although there is a gap in sound quality, it is not cost-effective for people who do not pursue sound quality.

2. Limitation of Continuity

Cable headphones don't need battery support. They can listen to music for 24 hours by inserting headphone holes, which is very important for people whose music is a lifesaving medicine. The standby time of wireless earplug is about 2-3 hours. Now, of course, it's equipped with charging boxes. But there is still a need to continue to improve the sustainability.

With the development of science and technology, wireless earbuds no cord will also be popular. Whether wireless earbuds no cord or wired headphones are more dominant depends on your choice. What headphones are you using now?

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  • Comparison of Wireless Earbuds No Cord and Wired Earplugs
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